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Captcha crack

The purpose of this article is to introduce concepts to bypass CAPTCHA.

Blogs, ticket websites, and shopping portals all use CAPTCHAs. These are also CAPTCHAs, the traffic lights you must identify in a block of photos to access a website. Sites can now distinguish between real users and bots thanks to the CAPTCHA. Frequently, automated hacking tools include bots. Therefore, CAPTCHAs protect your websites by discouraging bot activity.

CAPTCHA is what? The security measure known as CAPTCHA, which stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart," is used upon account entry to prevent unwanted access by robots or machines. Certain websites have implemented CAPTCHA in an effort to stop bot spam instances and guarantee that only people are using the internet.

An overflow of bot accounts onto a digital platform can cause a multitude of problems. bulk spam, bulk item holding in online businesses, unfair vote allocation in online polls, and in extreme circumstances DDoS assaults can all come from the lack of awareness of what accounts are being created by bots. By confirming that each account created is actually by a human being, CAPTCHA helps to prevent these instances and maintain digital equality.

Through a variety of tests in which a user is required to accurately copy or classify a sample of text, graphics, or audio, CAPTCHA aims to confirm user humanity. The complex nature of these tasks is meant to make them challenging for machines to comprehend and solve, but doable for humans. However, as AI technology continues to advance, it is raising concerns about the validity and utility of typical CAPTCHA tests.

The following are some of the captcha crack solutions.

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Captcha crack using Python

Examples of Python modules and scripts for integrating with the 2Captcha service's API. a description of the variables and the range of values that they can take. All prominent captcha types are automatically solved, and an error handler is described.

A step by step instructions to defeat the captcha using Python and API.


The script package can be installed using the package installer or manually.

To automatically install a library package, you need to use the standard Python package solution - Pip. Download it from the link and install according to the instructions. After installing the application, use the command:

pip3 install 2captcha-python

Explore GitHub repository where you can find libraries and modules for easy integration with API.


Description of all the necessary parameters to configure the installed package

from twocaptcha import TwoCaptcha

solver = TwoCaptcha('YOUR_API_KEY')

You also have the ability to customize some of the options for the created instance:

config = {
    'server':           '',
    'apiKey':           'YOUR_API_KEY',
    'softId':            123,
    'callback':         '',
    'defaultTimeout':    120,
    'recaptchaTimeout':  600,
    'pollingInterval':   10,
solver = TwoCaptcha(**config)
IMPORTANT: once callback is defined for TwoCaptcha instance, all methods return only the captcha ID and DO NOT poll the API to get the result. The result will be sent to the callback URL. To get the answer manually use getResult method

Solve captcha

When you submit any image-based captcha use can provide additional options to help 2Captcha workers to solve it properly

Geetest crack

Method to solve GeeTest puzzle captcha. Returns a set of tokens as JSON.

result = solver.geetest(
                param1=..., ...)

reCAPTCHA crack

Use this method to solve reCAPTCHA V2 and obtain a token to bypass the protection.

result = solver.recaptcha(
                param1=..., ...)

This method provides reCAPTCHA V3 solver and returns a token.

result = solver.recaptcha(
                param1=..., ...)

Other methods

Additional valid methods used during the work of the main scripts

send / getResult

These methods can be used for manual captcha submission and answer polling.

import time

id = solver.send(file='path/to/captcha.jpg')

code = solver.get_result(id)


Use this method to get your account's balance.


Use this method to report good or bad captcha answer., True) # captcha solved correctly, False) # captcha solved incorrectly

Error handling

Possible variants of standard errors returned by the service when processing requests

If case of an error captcha solver throws an exception. It's important to properly handle these cases. We recommend to use try/except to handle exceptions.

result = solver.text('If tomorrow is Saturday, what day is today?')
Except ValidationException as e:
    # invalid parameters passed
Except NetworkException as e:
  # network error occurred
Except ApiException as e:
  # api respond with error
Except TimeoutException as e:
  # captcha is not solved so far


You can pass your proxy as an additional argument for methods: recaptcha, funcaptcha and geetest. The proxy will be forwarded to the API to solve the captcha.

    'type': 'HTTPS',
    'uri': 'login:password@IP_address:PORT'

Async calls

You can also make async calls with asyncio, for example:

import asyncio
import concurrent.futures
from twocaptcha import TwoCaptcha

captcha_result = await captchaSolver(image)

async def captchaSolver(image):
    loop = asyncio.get_running_loop()
    with concurrent.future.ThreadPoolExecutor() as pool:
        result = await loop.run_in_executor(pool, lambda: TwoCaptcha(API_KEY).normal(image))
        return result


A browser plugin that automatically solves captchas on any webpage.

How to use:

  • Add extension to Chrome
  • Sign up on a
  • Deposit funds to the balance
  • Add an account key to the extension.
Chrome captcha bypass extension
 Add to Chrome
Firefox captcha bypass extension
 Add to Firefox

The anti captcha addon recognizes and autofills all captchas:

  • Solve image captchas online using a browser plugin
  • Use a plugin to solve image captchas without requiring user intervention
  • Addon is compatible with iMacros, Puppeteer, and Selenium

Alternative extensions:

Artificial intelligence systems solve problems that humans cannot. Automatic recognition occurs well.