Captcha solver extensions

Captcha OCR

Optical character recognition is the process that converts an image of text into a machine-readable text format. Captcha OCR is a captcha recognizer.

2Captcha is an automated online OCR captcha solver service which is a highly accurate and superbly cheap solution. OCR model built with the functional API. API allows bypassing the most popular captcha types.


How to solve reCAPTCH–źs automatically (/bypass-recaptcha). Users continue to experience important delays and frequent access restrictions due to reCAPTCHA challenges, which are based on a user's physical and cognitive capabilities, social and cultural background, and the devices or networks they are connected from.

Can the reCAPTCHA be automatically solved? OCR captcha services can solve CAPTCHAs automatically. It requires training computers based on CAPTCHAs using neural networks, which are the core component of artificial intelligence.

Bypass captcha with OCR

Deep learning with OCR technology, which detects the text contained in images like scanned documents and photographs, can be used to get rid of any CAPTCHAs. With the use of this technology, text that can be read by machines is extracted from photographs.

How exactly does OCR operate? By automating the transformation of text in photographs into machine-readable data, optical character recognition (OCR) technology arose as a means of streamlining commercial processes. This technology is able to recognize text in images, such as scanned documents, photos, and handwriting, and transform it into digital text. As a result, the necessity for manual data entry is diminished, errors are reduced, and data entry is made efficient and accurate. OCR technology is a useful tool in a variety of sectors like banking, healthcare, legal, and government since it can be used to scan a variety of documents, including invoices, receipts, contracts, handwritten letters, passports, and forms.

OCR captcha solver

How to identify vulnerable image captchas? OCR technology can be used to precisely convert the text in an image into machine-readable data if it is visible and easy to read, with no lines or skewing. It is crucial to keep in mind, though, that OCR software can still struggle to recognize text that is deformed or overlaid, or if the image is low-resolution or of poor quality.

AI can read CAPTCHAs. 2Captcha service is a fully automated bypass tool. Users configure software once and then users can forget about solving problems and return back only to top up balance.

The marginal accuracy of solving a single captcha using a narrow AI is high. Humans solve captchas if the algorithm cannot solve them.

Explore the use of optical character recognition, a software capable of transforming pictures into text, to bypass CAPTCHA protections.

Browser extension

A captcha solving extension for the Chrome browser that works on any website. account key is required for work.

How to use:

  • Add extension to Chrome
  • Sign up on a
  • Deposit funds to the balance
  • Add an account key to the extension.

The anti captcha addon bypasses all captchas. Use a plugin to solve image captchas without requiring user intervention. Addon is compatible with iMacros, Puppeteer, and Selenium


Automatic recognition occurs well. Gratitude for reading!