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Learn about AnyCaptcha captcha solving service. Information based on authentic reviews and bypass analytics. Choose the right captcha bypass service.

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AnyCaptcha - cheapest captcha solving service.


  • Simple integration
  • Pay as you go
  • 10,000+ captchas per minute resolved
  • The lowest cost available
  • Adapt your captcha if you have a large budget.

With AnyCaptcha's automatic captcha solver, enjoy the most affordable and rapid captcha solving service. User may rapidly combine it with your program using its simple integration option to achieve the best results in a matter of seconds.

With a success rate of 99.15%, AnyCaptcha can answer more than 10,000 captchas every minute. This means that automation or scrape will have a 99% uptime. Users can tailor your captcha if you have a large budget.

At the lowest price on the market, user may receive a variety of solutions, including reCAPTCHA V2, reCAPTCHA V3, hCaptcha, hCaptcha Click, FunCaptcha, image to text, Zalo Captcha, and more. With this service, 0.1s is the slowest speed ever measured.

For a low monthly starting price of $230, get 30 threads and limitless requests. Pricing options include weekly regular, weekly premium, and monthly premium. User can also sign up for a free trial and obtain precise results right in front of the user by selecting the answer you want, a source, and uploading an image.

Supported Captchas

  • Normal (Image)
  • Normal (Image) Russian
  • Normal (Image) Chinese
  • Text (Question)
  • reCAPTCHA V2
  • reCAPTCHA V3
  • GeeTest
  • hCaptcha
  • Arkose Labs (FunCaptcha)
  • KeyCaptcha
  • Lemin Captcha
  • Cloudflare Challenge
  • Cloudflare Turnstile
  • Yandex SmartCaptcha
  • Amazon WAF AWS captcha
  • Audio recognition
  • DataDome
  • CyberSiARA
  • MTCaptcha

How to use

  • Upload query to 2captcha.com/in.php
  • The server saves the query and returns its ID to you
  • The worker solves the task and returns the answer to the server
  • To obtain an answer, the client sends a request to the server using your ID.

Bypass API

Install library:

cd anycaptcha-python
pip install -e .

Example solver recaptcha v2:

url = "https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/demo"
site_key = "6Lc9qjcUAAAAADTnJq5kJMjN9aD1lxpRLMnCS2TR"
api_key = "YOURAPIKEY"
client = AnycaptchaClient(api_key)
task = reCAPTCHAV2TaskProxyless(website_url=url, website_key=site_key,is_invisible=is_invisible)
job = client.createTask(task)
if result.find("ERROR") != -1:
print("fail ",result)
print("success ",result)

Example solver hcaptcha:

url = "https://www.calhospitalprepare.org"
site_key = "ca915d64-b987-4026-be6c-93cdaa26ad50"
api_key = "YOURAPIKEY"
client = AnycaptchaClient(api_key)
t1 = time.time()
task = HCaptchaTaskProxyless(website_url=url, website_key=site_key)
job = client.createTask(task)
t1 = time.time()
result = job.get_solution_response()
if result.find("ERROR") != -1:
print("fail ",result)

print("success ",result)

Example solver zaloCaptcha pi_key = "YOURAPIKEY"

client = AnycaptchaClient(api_key)
task = ZaloTask()
job = client.createTask(task)
result = job.get_solution_response()
if result.find("ERROR") != -1:
print("error ", result)
print("success ", result)


  • Regular image captchas cost from $0.4 per 1000.
  • reCAPTCHA costs from $0.55 per 1000.
  • reCAPTCHA Enterprise: $5 per 1000 transactions
  • $0.7 - $2.5 per 1000 for Funcaptcha, GeeTest, and hCaptcha



The operation of the AnyCaptcha referral program. Sute makes a note that a user came to the system via recommendation when they sign up for our service via one of your referral links.

User can open the list of your referrals in Account > Transactions (type REFERRAL)

Pattern get 12% referral makes a deposit

Email to request a withdrawal info@anycaptcha.com.


The best alternative is 2Captcha

2Captcha supports various API clients for solving a CAPTCHA, including PHP, JavaScript, Golang, C#, Java, and Python. Whether you are dealing with normal captcha, rotate captcha, reCAPTCHA v2, capy puzzle, TikTok captcha, hCaptcha, FunCaptcha, etc, 2Captcha is the right option.


Supported solving captcha through installing extension on Chrome. User must first download the extension by clicking the link.


How to manually install extension on Google Chrome?

  • The file downloaded from the link above should be extracted.
  • Launch Google Chrome and go to chrome://extensions.
  • Click the Load unpacked button and browse to the extension folder you just extracted in the above step.
  • Now Anycaptcha extension installed on the extension list screen.
  • Click on AnyCaptcha Addon icon > enter your API Key > Click Save and start.

How to config AnyCAPTCHA Extension on Selenium?

  • Open file ~AnyCaptchaExtension\js\config_ac_api_key.js
  • Input your API KEY for antiCaptchaPredefinedApiKey

var antiCapthaPredefinedApiKey = '';
var defaultConfig = {
// settings
enable: true,
account_key: antiCapthaPredefinedApiKey,
auto_submit_form: false,
play_sounds: false,
delay_onready_callback: false,
where_solve_list: [], // i.e. ['example.com', 'www.ladysproblems.com']
where_solve_white_list_type: false, // true -- considered as white list, false -- black list
solve_recaptcha2: true,
solve_recaptcha3: true,
recaptcha3_score: 0.3,
solve_invisible_recaptcha: true,
solve_funcaptcha: true,
solve_geetest: true,
solve_hcaptcha: true,
use_predefined_image_captcha_marks: true,
solve_proxy_on_tasks: false,
user_proxy_protocol: 'HTTP',
user_proxy_server: '',
user_proxy_port: '',
user_proxy_login: '',
user_proxy_password: '',
use_recaptcha_precaching: false,
k_precached_solution_count_min: 2,
k_precached_solution_count_max: 4,
dont_reuse_recaptcha_solution: true,
start_recaptcha2_solving_when_challenge_shown: false,
solve_only_presented_recaptcha2: false,
// use_recaptcha_accelerator: false,
// status
account_key_checked: antiCapthaPredefinedApiKey ? true : false, // set after account_key check
free_attempts_left_count: 15 // move to config

Execute the following code in Selenium after saving configuration.

ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions();
ChromeDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(options);<

Bypass hCaptcha/FunCaptcha Callback with extension



The monitoring service is based on a very great idea, the realization of the dreams most of us have always had for what the Internet can and should become.

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Service is fast.
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The most affordable and trustworthy captcha solvers available. Well worth the money.
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I like that they offer a plugin that you can utilize without having to do any programming or other complicated things. I detest programming, yet I must solve captchas. really good
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The costs are astounding when compared to other providers! The resolving time is barely perceptible. The API is effective and easy to use. For projects with significant load, can recommend.
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